Tao Tessile creates high-end interior and exterior technical blinds. Being a member of the Everest Group gives us a considerable competitive edge: both metal galvanizing processes and production of the window treatments’ structural operating systems are handled in-house.


The Tao brand enjoys an international reputation for its exclusive design and high standard of technology. Our eclectic range of textile solutions offers options to suit
both modern and classical surroundings and is skilfully made with that renowned Italian taste and attention to detail, materials, processes and craftsmanship.


Innovation plays a key role in the quest to be competitive.
So, to protect the originality of its systems, Tao has registered several patents and designs – such as the zip-on/zip-off fabric on roller systems and overlapping blinds to cover large openings.


Our textile collections are the product of continuous research by in-house and independent designers into fabrics offering high standards of performance and aesthetic quality, an area in which our company excels. Even the materials used for the mechanisms are high quality and environmentally reliable throughout the product’s life cycle: aluminium, carbon and stainless steel.


In our cutting-edge facility fitted out with numerically controlled machinery, we produce systems by exploiting hi-tech processes, such as laser cutting the fabrics using a pantographic system and treating metals used for the blinds’ structural mechanisms.


Here at Tao, we have several individuals who use old-fashioned manual skills to ensure every last detail is truly of the highest quality: something that can only be achieved by hand. This painstaking attention is also found in the custom design of window treatments, in our quality control and in our exclusive service: the inspection of each blind, which is assembled and tested before it is allowed to leave the factory.
To deliver excellence each and every time.

We are a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company.

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