Rod: Stainless Steel o6 rod, stainless steel cable o2 or 012×1.5 tube Brackets: Stainless Steel

Rolling: Steel finishing brass with Stainless steel hook

Rings: Steel finishing brass with poliacetalic inside

Endcaps: Stainless steel

Finial: Stainless steel

Technical remarks

Anchorage: Wall

System: Single or Double

If correctly installed and with the right tension of the 02 cable or 0 6 rod, the system doesn’t present any flexibility problems up to 220 cm, using the brackets of cm 5,7 and 10 cm of length, with light fabrics.

This measure is reduced down to 160 cm if using the empty rod (tube) o12x1.5. Over this length or with heavier fabrics we advice to use the central bracket.

We underline that, by using our patent rolling-system for 06 and o12x1.5 to hook the curtain, we eliminate the eternal problem of the bending rod or cable, over passing also the central bracket, if installed. In the systems with cable o2 the rolling do not pass over and will stop on the central bracket.

In good conditions, a perfect wall anchorage is permitted, in not optimal condition we advise to use the expansion – bolt, especially for the 02 cable or rod o6 where we have a high solicit action of the bracket ‘s base. When we have the double system, on the central bracket, the rolling can over pass only on the front rod. N.B. In the double system as back rod it is always used the tube 012×1.5.